Place, n : • an open (typically four-sided) area surrounded by buildings in a town, village, or city • an open area at the meeting of streets

Corde, n : a length of strong cord made by twisting together strands of natural fibers such as hemp or artificial fibers

Place des Cordes is a quiet and peacefull space in the north of Paris with a mezzanine to chat and a tatami floor to practice.It was created by a team of rope enthusiaste after a year of informal events.

Place des Cordes is a place to live, meet , feel and share for different people and community. Place des Cordes is a research space, open to all the curious practicing ( or wishing to )the art of tying, massage or any other body activities.

Place des Cordes is a place to discover and meet all those interested in rope bondage but also a place to relax and enjoy mint tea , handmade cookies and choose from an oriented yet diverse library. Play a game of Go, have a sweet massage or a nice chat with new people in a peacefull yet sometimes playfull atmosphere.

The space is open to all , even during workshops and trainings every night of the week (exept Friday ). You’ll be welcome here to bring along your friends, lovers and more.

Weekly schedule here

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