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Kinoko Kinoko. Born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, in 1977.
Known worldwide for his various kinbaku (rope bondage) expressions using various types of rope such as traditional piece-dye “Japanese style kinbaku," “art rope” using red rope, and "cyber rope" using glow-in-the-dark rope.

Kinoko not only considers shibari to be erotic but is also good at giving it pop interpretation and promote it to art. His unique ties incorporating nature (such as trees and rocks) as well as projects involving the innovative use of space have especially won praise. In addition to performing live rope shows, he has recently been actively releasing artwork including photographs and video, often being in charge of tying, photography, and direction. He is also well known outside of Japan, having conducted workshops in more than 20 major cities such as Paris, London, and Munich as well as in Japan. Kinoko is a rope specialist representing Japan.

For me, shibari is about “connection.” 
When tying someone, it’s not about capturing or tying that person. I cherish the “connection” with the model the most. To me it feels like I am tying myself with the model like strings connecting two paper cups to make a paper toy telephone. When I tie someone with a strong feeling that the model is important, I can feel many things such as how they want to be tied with rope, at what timing and where. And I can tie depending on the models’ desires. The lines created when I tie that way are like waves that carve rocks and create cliffs. I create lines are like those created by nature, and only exist between the model and I. I feel those are wonderful and beautiful.
That is the shibari that I pursue.

The series Red represents my work the most accurately. The theme of Red is also “connection.”
This series expresses mothers, ancestors, nature, peers, DNA, the future, connections between hearts, inspiration, and other things. People are not alone. Everyone is connected to someone. In the Red series, I use red rope to emphasize “connections” such as blood or fate, which is expressed in the Japanese language as “the red string of fate.” The white world expresses pure feelings. The world has become a convenient place, with the Internet connecting people around the world. But aren’t we forgetting the true meaning of connections and interactions? I made the artwork with the hope of reminding viewers of the significant people or significant events in their lives. I gave Red as one example, but my various artworks have these feelings hidden behind them.

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