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Douglas Kent - La trilogie

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Les 3 volumes écrit par Douglas Kent.
En anglais uniquement, cette série est une référence incontournable pour les personnes souhaitant débuter puis explorer les bases de la suspension et les méandres du hojojutsu!
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Ce pack contient

Complete Shibari - Volume 1: Land
33,33 €
x 1
Complete Shibari - Volume 2: Sky
33,33 €
x 1
Rogue Hojojutsu
41,67 €
x 1
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Complete Shibari Volume 1: Land explores the essential ground-based ties and forms of shibari. With short, clear explanations and over 440 lavish, step-by-step illustrations and photographs, Douglas Kent introduces the basic "building blocks," then guides you in applying those basics to create a full range of beautiful and exciting ground-based shibari ties.

This is not a "knot book" - if you can tie an overhand knot, you already know half the knots you'll ever need. This practical, hands-on guide to doing shibari covers everything from choosing and preparing rope, to scene safety, to the techniques... and the reasoning behind the techniques.

Complete Shibari Volume 1: Land is a ground-breaking, must-have book for anyone interested in playing with rope.

96 pages, 165 mm x 229 mm, 290 g.


Complete Shibari Volume 2: Sky builds on the material from Volume 1: Land and explores the spectacular techniques of erotic rope suspensions. With short, clear explanations and over 340 lavish, step-by-step illustrations and photographs, Douglas Kent takes the intimidating world of shibari suspensions and makes it practical and straightforward.

As with the previous volume, this is not a "knot book," but a straight-forward, hands-on guide for people interested in actually doing suspensions. This practical guide covers everything from scene safety, through establishing anchor points and selecting suspension hardware, to the physics and skills needed to suspend a human body safely and beautifully.

Complete Shibari Volume 2: Sky is not intended as a standalone book; the foundations taught in Complete Shibari Volume 1: Land are required reading. Together, these are ground-breaking, must-have books for anyone interested in taking their rope play to the next level... and into the air!

96 pages, 165 mm x 229 mm, 290 g.


For hundreds of years, Japanese officers restrained criminals not with handcuffs, but with lengths of rope.

Hojojutsu remains a jealously guarded secret, known by only a select few... Until now.

Using simple, clear instructions and over 400 colorful images, author Douglas Kent details how to construct over 90 forms, and countless customizations, ranging from ties you can finish in a few seconds to beautifully complex works of art.

But don’t expect a traditional, reverential treatment of Hojojutsu. Kent strips away the myths surrounding this ancient art, revealing surprising facts about the rogues on both sides of the ropes.

Rogue Hojojutsu is a must-have for martial artists and rope enthusiasts alike.

96 pages, 165 mm x 229 mm, 290 g.